Learn More About Our Owner, Trish Buscemi

Learn More About Our Owner, Trish Buscemi

Trish is a certified color design expert proudly serving the Houston, TX area

Colors Matter was founded by certified color design expert Trish Buscemi in Houston, TX in 2009. Colors Matter has been featured in Sherwin-Williams STIR magazine. She was also featured in Montgomery County Association of Business Women (MCABW) magazine. She has been a guest speaker for Homes & Gardens and several home improvement shows. Additionally, she's certified by the International Association of Certified Coaches (IACC) and SCfYH.

Trish Buscemi's main client base is in the Houston and East Texas areas. However, her projects take her all over the country. Her color expertise has landed her residential projects, as well as commercial projects.

Our certified color design expert takes a personal approach to every project. Colors Matter evolved from a start-up partnership called Two Sisters Painting. A tragic accident in 2013 altered her life and resulted in a severe brain injury. An extreme healing experience springs from her tenacity and love of color. Trish knows firsthand how color IMPACTS your life.


Colors Matter

"My clients often times know what they want, basically, but they need my help to get there. We help provide a service to guide them towards colors, hues and textures that convey a harmonious space."

We help with more than just wall color.

We help you coordinate your architectural elements, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, back splashes, ceiling colors and more.

Trish is available for speaking engagements and color designing workshops